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A home inspection is an independent evaluation of a home’s overall condition and expected performance. At A-Team Inspections, LLC, of Fargo, ND, we provide certified professional home inspections that offer the peace of mind both home sellers and home buyers need to proceed with confidence.
We'll Look, Before You Leap

Another Perspective

For home buyers, purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make; an inspection offers an intimate look at how well your new home will function and the possible upgrades and repairs you can expect to make in the years ahead.

Whether you’re buying or selling, you want to be sure you hire a credible inspector to perform your home inspection. But, what makes a home inspector trustworthy?

Honest and Impartial

First and foremost, look for someone with zero interest in the outcome of your report. It’s imperative that you hire an inspector who is committed to making an honest evaluation of a home’s condition, someone who has nothing to gain from the sale or purchase of the home and who does not sell home repairs. At A-Team Inspections, we’re proudly independent, working to deliver honest, forthright home inspections analyses.


Avoid a home inspector who can “squeeze in” your inspection. An inspector who is focused on quantity over quality is sure to overlook some key element in the process. At A-Team Inspections, we’re committed to giving your home the most thorough inspection available on the market today, and providing you with an honest report on the good, the bad and the ugly of its condition.

Familiar with the Area

A good home inspector must understand the area, its unique weather conditions, and how they might affect the structure. Weather in the Fargo/Moorhead area runs the gamut. From extreme, dry heat to sub-zero cold with substantial snow, and everything in between, our homes are exposed to it all and suffer the effects. At A-Team Inspections, we have a keen eye for it all.

Expert Training

A credible home inspector must have a solid understanding of home construction, proper installation and maintenance of doors, windows, utilities, heating and cooling systems, etc., as well as home safety knowledge. As Ryan Dietz at A-Team Inspections likes to say, “How can you know what you’re looking for if you don’t know what you’re looking at?”
  • Certified Home Inspector #8644
  • Follows the guidelines of the American Society of Home Inspections, Inc.
  • Passed National Home Inspector Examination
  • Member of Fargo-Moorhead Associations of Realtors

Ryan Dietz: Owner and Operator of A-Team Inspections

Ryan's Qualifications

  • Certified Home Inspector #8644
  • Member of the Housing Inspection Foundation
  • Member of Fargo-Moorhead Association of Realtors
  • Meets state and local home inspector requirements
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